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    Source One Video offers a full range of security services for schools and other businesses, system design, network integration, cabling/camera installation on-site training, and responsive technical support.
  • Many companies sell IP cameras and DVRs. Your company needs a partner who will be there to support you after the camera installation.
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Source One Video is a leader in digital video surveillance cameras and services. Since 2002, our products and services have been used in digital surveillance applications throughout the nation. Behind our service is Source One Video's technical expertise, employees, resources, and our commitment to the highest standards of excellence. That's why we test a wide range of digital IP surveillance cameras and DVRs to meet your companies' evolving needs.

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Need us to specify surveillance equipment for your project?

Call today to schedule your FREE needs assessment - 1 888 543 7876

We manage every aspect of your security project from cabling, camera installation, DVR configuration and network integration.


Integrating the latest in digital video streaming and storage technologies, we carry an extensive collection of digital surveillance products and solutions including network IP cameras, digital streaming servers, digital video recorders, remote monitoring/playback, video archiving units with infinite storage capacity and much much more..Need more information? Use the highlights below to learn EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW about Source One Video.

Industries We Serve
Industries We Serve
Schools, Churches, Hotels, etc.

Industries We Serve

High Definition security products offer low maintenance video monitoring, storage, and retrieval solutions that cost-effectively replace or co-exist with conventional analog surveillance systems.

Our High Definition Surveillance systems will work for any business that would traditionally use or need CCTV technology. But, since 2002, we've specialized in understanding the unique needs and challenges of the following organizations:

Our Specialty

  • Public and Private Schools
  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Convenience Stores
  • Manufacturing Facilities
Source One Video Team
Our Team
We're All Nerds

Our Team

Behind every digital surveillance project is Source One Video's technical expertise, employees, and our commitment to the highest standards of excellence.

We have a small team with years of technical experience and dedication to testing and providing to our customers the highest quality digital surveillance products.

At Source One Video, we don't just hire your standard CCTV camera installers rather ALL employees are expected to have extensive experience and education in the latest video compression technologies, standards, and IP networks. In other words.....we're all NERDS here!

What our Nerds (we mean) Team are experts in:

  • Video Compression and Encoding
  • Networking Standards and Protocols
  • Programming and Application Development
  • and much much more...
Surveillance System Design
System Design
We can Write Specs

System Design

Every business is different. Maybe you've already invested thousands in surveillance cameras and equipment. But, the Network Video Recorder (NVR) software doesn't work on mobile platforms. At Source One Video, we work with you to identify specific challenges and needs your company faces and customize a digital surveillance solution - tailor made for you.

Our independence from one specific line of DVR software or IP camera manufacturers allows us to custom tailor solutions depending on your individual application. In simple terms, we pick and choose the best tool for the job!

Example Client Needs Request

  • Hybrid surveillance system where both analog and IP cameras co-exist.
  • District wide multi-campus solutions.
  • Specific Operating System Platform Compatibility - Windows/MAC environments.
  • First Responder Integration - give secure access to your local police departments.

Our Security experts will be happy to work with you in creating a custom design for your surveillance project. Call us today at 1.888.543.7876 or email us at support@sourceonevideo.com.

Security Project Management
Project Management
We Do It All

Project Management

Our security experts manage every aspect of your surveillance project from cabling, camera installation, DVR configuration and network integration.

Starting new construction or adding to an existing surveillance system, Source One Video can design an IP camera solution that's right for you and your needs.

Project Requirements

  • Bandwidth Requirements for Remote Playback or Live Viewing
  • Camera Selection/Installation for Optimal Camera Views
  • Video Standards Compliance for Future System Expansions
  • QOS - Optimizing LAN Bandwidth Traffic Allocation
Mobile Software
Mobile Software
Windows, MAC, Ios, Android

Mobile Software

Network Video Recorder solutions compatible with Windows & MAC Desktops. Android & Apple Mobile Phones or Tablets. Source One Video offers responsive DVR/NVR software solutions available on mobile devices.

To access and view DVRs, NVRs and IP / Megapixel cameras from your phone or tablet, simply download one of the available mobile apps from our website. Users can set up multiple sites by name, view site specific camera groups and name individual cameras for intuitive viewing.

Android and iOS mobile apps can be downloaded from the list here:

  • Video Insight
  • GeoVision
  • HikVision
Budget Friendly Surveillance Systems
Budget Friendly
Never said cheap!

Budget Friendly Surveillance Solutions

Did we say cheap surveillance equipment? No way! Looking for a cheap surveillance system? We invite you to visit your local big box chain store for a cheap residential surveillance solution. Of course, good luck expanding the proprietary IP cameras or running the premade cables past 150 feet. Don't get us wrong, these systems can be a great value to residential consumers. But, PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE! Don't call us to help you with your $199.00/16 camera big box store surveillance special!

What Do We Mean by Budget-Friendly?

At Source One Video, we have years of experience dealing with the unique budget challenges faced by schools and companies. We've implemented all of the latest in digital video camera technology to bring you several product lines which have considerable advantages over their analog surveillance counterparts. Our High Definition IP Cameras are simply faster, higher quality, and easier to manage than standard CCTV surveillance systems; our Hybrid digital video recorders, can be easily integrated into your existing analog surveillance system allowing for multi-phased upgrades or expansions.....COST EFFECTIVE, BUDGET FRIENDLY HIGH DEFINITION SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS.

Surveillance System Video Standards
Video Standards
H.265/264, MPEG-4, MJPEG

Video Standards

Embedded, hybrid, and PC-based DVRs or NVRs all require the essential elements of video capture: analog-to-digital conversion, compression, video recordings playback, and network streaming. The distinguishing features among different DVR products are the number of video input channels; compression standards supported; video quality, stream, and display modes; storage capacity;

H.264/265 is the surveillance industry standard for video compression in security DVRs. Some DVRs use MPEG-4 or MJPEG for video recording. So, which DVR Video Standard do you choose? Well that depends on your specific video surveillance system requirements. Each video format has it's advantages/disadvantages.

We encourage you to contact a Source One Video Camera Nerd to discuss your specific surveillance camera project. So, we can choose the right tool for the job!

Network Integration
QoS Bandwidth Allocation

Network Integration

Technical Support
Responsive Support
Real people answer our phones!

Responsive Technical Support

Many companies sell IP surveillance cameras and DVR/NVR equipment. Your company needs a surveillance technology partner who will be there to support you AFTER the installation.

Source One Video takes technical support SERIOUSLY!

A responsive technical support team should be a top priority when selecting a surveillance company. Maybe this is a simplistic analogy, but imagine spending thousands of dollars on a brand new car. You've researched and shopped for the perfect car; it has everything low gas mileage, tons of horsepower/tourque, fire-engine red. Do any of these key details that affected your buying decision - do they make any difference at all if no one is available to teach you how to drive the darn thing? Maybe someone did show you but now you've forgotten.

What happens during an emergency and First Responders need remote access to a live video feed of your facility? Can your surveillance company assist police?

  • I think every school should be required by law to install a Source One Video surveillance system, that way they wouldn't waste their time and money on a system that just doesn't work as promised.

    Kyle Anderson – School Administrator

  • Since installing our ip cameras two-weeks ago, we've prevented four customer thefts and caught two employees taking cash from the register. The system has paid for itself in less than 12 days. Thank You!

    Cynthia Simmons – Convenience Store Owner

  • Clean installation and great support - Very good digital surveillance system and clear CCTV cameras.

    Lalji Patel – Hotel Franchise Owner


At Source One Video, we want to hear your feedback, suggestions, and other comments. Please use our form, call us toll-free at 1-888-543-7876, or email us at to submit your remarks. A qualified service representative will respond promptly.

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